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Apple and Sony close deal – iRadio coming?

News   •   Jun 09, 2013 21:56 BST

Apple and Sony have signed a deal, making Sony the last part of the equation to make iRadio happen, according to a report. The two other major labels that have signed with the Cupertino firm are Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. If true, then the iPhone (click here for more information on the Apple iPhone 5) and the iPad (click here for more information on the Apple iPad 4G) are soon to have their own music streaming service.

The report comes from AllThingsD (click here to see full story). The site said, “Sony Music has signed on to Apple’s forthcoming iRadio service, according to a person familiar with negotiations between the two companies.

“The deal means that Apple now has agreements with all three major music labels. Apple had been pushing music executives to come aboard in advance of its annual developer conference next week, so you should expect to hear an official announcement Monday.”

It does say, however, “In any case, Apple isn’t expected to actually launch iRadio at its WWDC event. Instead, it’s expected to tell developers about the forthcoming service, which should function like an enhanced version of Pandora — that is, it will be a free streaming music service that gives users more control of their songs than standard Web radio, but less than full on-demand services like Spotify.”

Is iRadio anything to get excited about, or are you more interested in Apple launching something else? Share your thoughts through a comment below.