Apple bullish with iPhone 5 - LTE service emergence

News   •   Feb 08, 2013 07:00 GMT

Tagged as one of the fastest-selling devices in the market today, the iPhone 5 has made another indelible mark by becoming the first Apple device to offer the 4G LTE connectivity. And it is no stopping from there yet as Apple is said to be increasing the number of service providers with LTE service for the iPhone 5. About 36 more carriers will offer LTE for the iPhone 5 by end of January 2013.

With the LTE or Long Term Evolution working with iPhone 5, the device is expected to have “blazing-fast” Internet connection speeds and other related services that the consumers will benefit from. The latest iOS 6.1 update, which was introduced just this week, has already included the “Enable LTE” in the Settings menu. The update is at 107MB and would require WiFi for users to download it.

At the moment, the service is offered by Apple to more than 26 countries such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, Kuwait, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia Singapore and South Africa. Several carriers around the globe have started to enjoy the LTE service at the palm of their hands, and in the coming days, there would be a definitive growth with the service providers who will also include this in their subscriptions.

It is seen that there would be an increase in revenue as Apple appears to be a tough cookie in the market. With this emergence, it is seen that greater milestones will come very soon. The question lies as to what would be its effect in the fast-changing and ever-competitive Smartphone industry. There are no exact figures yet as to how affordable it would be or will it be ever affordable for consumers of different types.

Since the LTE service is only available for iPhone 5 users, will this attract users of the older iPhones to try out Apple's latest offering? Check out the iPhone 5 deals and other 4G phones at Mobile Phone Checker.