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Apple cannot let go of Samsung as a supplier – TSMC deal not happening until 2014

News   •   Jul 01, 2013 13:39 BST

Despite the intense rivalry and legal battles between Apple and Samsung, the Cupertino firm still cannot let go of the Korean tech giant as a supplier as Apple’s deal with TSMC will not be happening until 2014. This means that iPhones (check out Apple iPhone 5 here) and iPads (check out Apple iPad 4G here) will still have parts made by Samsung.

The news comes to us courtesy of The Wall Street Journal (check out site here). WSJ reports, “Apple is finding that breaking up with Samsung is hard to do.

“For evidence, look no further than Apple Inc.’s effort to find a company other than ferocious rival Samsung Electronics Co. to make the sophisticated chip brains used in Apple’s iPads and iPhones. This month, after years of technical delays, Apple finally signed a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to make some of the chips starting in 2014, according to a TSMC executive. The process had been beset by glitches preventing the chips from meeting Apple's speed and power standards, TSMC officials said.

“Despite the deal, Samsung will remain the primary supplier through next year, one of these executives said.”

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