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Apple closes deal with China Mobile – may be too late as smartphone sales slow down

News   •   Dec 28, 2013 15:12 GMT

Apple has been trying to close a deal with China Mobile to take advantage of the network operator’s customers need to get their hands on smartphones. The network operator is the biggest in china and in the world. Sadly, when the two finally closed a deal, smartphone sales in China slowed down.

According to Barrons, Jun Zhang, Wedge Partners analyst, said:

Average 3G user growth, which supports most smartphone sales, came down from 17-18 million per month in Q3 to 12.5-13 million per month in Q4. Therefore, overall Q4 3G user growth will drop 26-28% QoQ from Q3.

We believe smartphone sell-through also dropped from 26-30 mln per month in the August/September period to 20 million in October and 18-19 million in November. Overall, smartphone sell-through will drop 25% QoQ in Q4, even with an expected slight rebound of smartphone sales in December.

In terms of the iPhone’s popularity in China, he said:

With slowing overall smartphone sales and the launch of Apple products in the latter part of September, it is not surprising that Apple’s market share increased in October. We believe current iPhone 5s/5c sales are slowing down and the sale of iPhones in China were affected by slowing smartphone sell-through.

iPhone 5c was out of the top 20 smartphone sales list. iPhone 5s’s No.2 place was replaced by Xiaomi. Xiaomi 3, Xiaomi Red and the latest launched Vivo 3 are among the top 5 smartphones on the sales list. No.3 is iPhone 5s.

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