Apple iPhone 4 Deals Even More Appealing Than Ever

News   •   Jul 23, 2012 13:00 BST

The Apple iPhone 4 is one such phone that people are still taking about, despite the 4S pushing it out of the way and the new iPhone 5 on its way. The rise in telecommunications and electronic gadgetry has increased so much in the last few years that they seemed to have slowed in recent times. This means that iPhone 4 smartphones are almost as good as the very latest. What that means is that because it’s been out for a few years, the iPhone 4 deals are incredible.

As you can see on comparison sites, such as, there are comparisons between the PAYG SIM cards and mobile phone contract comparisons too. This means that you can choose the best package that suits your needs and have a fantastic smartphone at the same time. As we have started to rely more and more on smartphones that it’s a necessity to have a great one. The fact is iPhone 4 phones are still exceptional as you can download apps, call your friends, use the video camera and still camera and connect to 3G.

The weight of the iPhone 4 is a sturdy 137 grams which feels solid in your pocket but never too weighty. There are two types of iPhone 4 deals you can choose from, either the 16GB or the 32GB handset. This means you can keep more data, photos, videos, apps and documents on your phone if you opt for the larger one. The 5MP camera is still just as special as it was back then compared to now. Only recently are we seeing cameras with 8MP or a small handful have 12MP cameras, so 5MP is still plenty for most people. It runs on iOS4 and has a 1GHz processor. Remember, it wasn’t long ago that people had 1GHz laptops!

You can get the iPhone 4 in either piano black or white, both of which look great and aren’t too much different to the 4S. With the iPhone 5 coming out at the end of the year, the iPhone 4 deals are only going to get better and better. You can pick up a cheap iPhone for less than you think and from top retailers. Obviously, price is your main hurdle but if you compare contract phones on Mobile Phone Checker’s website you will see the cheapest prices and deals from the top retailers in the UK to choose from.

The only one part that many people love about smartphones is the lack of a radio on the iPhone 4. This isn’t a huge deal but if you listen to it a lot then you might miss it. However, with so many other gadgets and features on the phone you’re more than likely to love the iPhone 4 anyway. The sleek looks, the hardy case, the raft of apps from iTunes and the iStore, and the support system from Apple makes you want to head out there and look for the iPhone 4 deals right now.