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Apple May Launch The iPhone 5 Early To Compete With The Popular Galaxy S3 Device

News   •   Jul 09, 2012 06:50 BST

Consumers may not have to wait as long as expected for the new iPhone 5 thanks to the the success of the Galaxy S3 which was released in May 2012. Apple are rumoured to be bringing forward the release to August rather than wait for the usual September release date.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has had major success and the sales figures are expected to reach the ten million unit mark by the end of July. These impressive figures will certainly taking a large proportion of the market share that the iPhone 5 would have enjoyed . Apple are keen to compete with Samsung as soon as possible and divert attention back to what is expected to be an amazing handset and perhaps their most popular phone of all time. Due to the 4 month head start that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has had on the iPhone 5 it has achieved record breaking sales records and it may be difficult for Apple to catch up which is why Apple are planning to do the unexpected and introduce us to the long awaited iPhone 5 this August. Whether this gap will prove to large for Apple remains to be seen. The Galaxy range of handsets are widely regarded as the iPhone's biggest competitor although the iPhone 5 is widely tipped to be one of the most impressive phones of all time.

The iPhone 5 is expected to impress by being the fastest device available sporting a powerful quad core processor which will deliver great multi tasking speeds supported by the new iOS6 operating system. The model is rumoured to sport an impressive 4 inch curved screen which is a whole half of an inch larger that the iPhone 4S. This will please Apple consumers who have been calling for a larger display for years. The iPhone 5 will also have the looks to match with its attractive new metallic chassis. Enhancements to the Siri function are looking great, with this fantastic voice recognition service performing a lot more tasks. The iPhone 5 will provide the highest possible specification and will also be packed full of the latest features. As always with Apple, they have covered all bases making their new device sure to appeal to a wide range of consumers.

We may see the long awaited iPhone 5 as early as August which will assist Apple with gaining back much deserved media attention. This will be the first time that Apple have had to play catch up with a competing company and their new handset is likely to do the trick being the fastest device and also the most attractive.

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