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Apple reportedly planning to re-launch iPhone 4 8GB in India for £152.67 in an attempt to regain market shares lost to Samsung

News   •   Jan 15, 2014 18:39 GMT

We’ve seen it all over the news on the internet. Apple has closed a deal with China Mobile, the biggest network operator in China and the world, in an attempt to take advantage of the network operator’s millions upon millions of customers. It seems Apple has its sights on yet another country, India. India has the second largest population (China has the largest), which Apple plans to take advantage of. It plans to re-launch the Apple iPhone 4 8GB in the country, after losing market shares to its biggest rival Samsung.

According to Economic Times of India, “Apple is set to relaunch the 8GB version of the iPhone 4 in the Indian market after losing sales and market share in the middle segment to rival Samsung in the last quarter after pulling out the model as part of a global strategy.

“The US company, pressing hard to raise its market share in India, will price the device at around 15,000 through buyback and EMI schemes compared with its old retail price of Rs 26,500, Apple's four top trade partners in India said requesting anonymity due to confidentiality clauses. The model launched three years ago has been succeeded by the 4S, 5, 5c and 5s, the last of which starts at Rs 53,500.”

This amounts to £152.67 for the handset.

The market share of the iPhone in India is dwindling. According to the site, “Apple's market share in the Indian smartphone market peaked to more than 4% in October-December 2012 and January-March 2013 before dwindling to 1.4% in October 2013, according to CMR data. Samsung's share, in contrast, rose to 42% from 33% in the same period.”

Can Apple regain market shares lost to Samsung in India? Drop a comment below.