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Apple's Popular iPhone 4S Is Still One Of The Best Camera Phones On The Market

News   •   Jul 19, 2012 18:47 BST

The iPhone 4S remains a popular choice and is widely regarded as one of the best camera phones out there, despite increasingly impressive competition from the likes of Samsung and HTC which have both recently released their flagship smartphones for 2012.  In this article I will take a closer look at the camera features of the iPhone 4S, so you can get an idea of the user experience you can expect from this iconic smartphone.


The iPhone 4S comes with an 8 megapixel camera which is by far the best the on any iPhone model to date.  This comes with all the usual image enhancing features that you would expect from any cameraphone released over the last couple of years or so.  These include autofocus, touch focus, image stabilisation, face detection and of course an LED flash to overcome the obstacle of low lighting conditions.  Features like these mean that you can get the best possible results with the minimum of effort, especially given the fact that several of the settings can be set to automatic which takes the guesswork out of getting the best results.  The iPhone 4S can of course capture video footage, with a number of different resolution settings included.  These start at lower resolutions which can be used if you are running low on battery, along with resolutions which are optimised for videos which you intend to post to Facebook or YouTube.  The highest resolution included is 1080p, which is the highest resolution of HD available on mobile devices.  The camera lens technology itself is far superior to many competing devices, thanks largely to the fact that more light is captured by each pixel.  This results in superior quality still images as they appear sharper and brighter and offer superior colour rendering and better lighting representation.


The iPhone 4S of course runs iOS, which is the manufacturer's smartphone and tablet optimised platform.  This is renowned for its ease of use, and this extends to the camera interface.  When the camera interface is open, users are able to toggle between photo and video modes, toggle the flash on and off, and edit a number of different settings, all without leaving the camera interface.


When you have taken a photo or filmed a video clip, you can instantly post them to sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as dedicated file sharing sites like Flickr and YouTube.  Additionally, you can also send them to your contacts via email and MMS or by using one of the messaging apps available from the AppStore, instantly after you have taken them.


The iPhone 4S is clearly well equipped as a camera phone, but of course it offers many more features which make it of the most appealing and popular smartphones out there.

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