Apple Slated to Release New iPad 4 on February 5

News   •   Feb 03, 2013 08:20 GMT

Just a few months after the iPad 4’s release in November, Apple is slated to release a yet another version of the iPad this coming February 5.

It was only last year that Apple’s release of their iPad 4 sparked controversies as many consumers were upset with the company deviating from the supposed annual release of iPads. Apple released their iPad 4 just seven to eight months after they released the third generation iPad. The controversy was all about the consumers getting upset as they have just recently bought the iPad 3 and that a new product is out again in the market. And with this news of launching again another iPad, this too will soon bring more dismay.

Before the confirmation, rumours were spread that a fifth generation of iPad might be the next innovation Apple will soon be releasing this March, but apparently this presumption has just been proven to be negative as an additional iPad 4 is slated to be released. This new iPad 4 comes in with the same design and same wireless set-ups as with the present iPad 4 models only that it has more internal memory and will be sold in two different colours – black and white. It is said that new iPad 4 will be coined as the “premium SKU” which will be joining in the clad of the other iPad 4s.

According to Philip Schiller, Apple’s Senior VP of Marketing in their company press release, there are about 120 million iPads sold and it is apparent their global clientele love their iPads and that they are looking for even better reasons to work, learn and play on the comforts of their iPads instead of doing those stuffs in their old PCs. The new iPad 4 comes in with twice the storage capacity of its previous version and has over 300,000 iPad apps to choose from. 

It was also reported that educational and government institutions will be given 10-pack deals for this new iPad 4. The supposed price for the new iPad 4 is just about $100 more than the 64GB version, which means it costs $799 for Wi-Fi only while the iPad with Wi-Fi and Cellular amounts to $929. The new iPad 4 comes in with a 128 GB internal storage. And since Apple just recently released iOS 6.1 last Monday, the new iPad 4 will surely have this latest OS installed already. In addition, the iPad 4 128 GB can also support 4G LTE networks allowing a more convenient streaming and a faster communication for users with cellular-enabled iPads.

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