Apple Unveils the Latest iPhone 5 Power: Mobile Payments through the iPhone

News   •   Jul 14, 2012 13:00 BST

Even before the iPhone 4S was released, the hype for the iPhone 5 just wouldn’t die. It seems that the more iPhone generations that come out, the higher anticipation it  receives. True enough, Apple is taking their time integrating awesome stuff into the latest iPhone that is scheduled to be released in autumn, but never did anyone think that it will have the capacity to pay for all your purchases through a mobile-based system in a contactless way. Yes folks, welcome to the future!

According to technology experts, the world will see the era of mobile-based payment system unveil in 2020. But no, there is no stopping for Apple in terms of pulling the future nearer and proving what experts say would be impossible. Just recently, Apple announced that the iPhone 5 will be using the NFC technology, also known as near field communication which will allow smartphones and others of its kind to transfer data within each other in a wireless manner. Though it was HTC and not Apple that was the first one to use the NFC technology, Apple was the very first one to come up with a way to purchase things online and pay for them using an iPhone in a contactless way.

This great news of an NFC-based mobile payment system broke into the consciousness of the world after Apple has announced that the new iOS 6 will have the e-wallet application which will allow its users to store electronic versions of their important documents such as airline boarding passes, cinema tickets, shopping vouchers, loyalty cards, discount cards and others. Now, many are speculating that this e-wallet app will soon be using the NFC technology as well.With the presence of this technology, iPhone users will also be able to throw the credit cards away and quickly share files to and from another iOS user. This technology enters the stage to challenge the Google Wallet and Windows Phone 8 whichalso have electronic methods of paying for bills.

Geniuses behind Apple revealed that they have been working on the NFC-based mobile phone payments technology for quite some time now and now is the perfect timing to announce this great integration considering that iPhone 5 will soon be released in a matter of months. They also added that they were even planning to integrate this to the iPhone 4S but they were short of time so they ought to just save the best for the most amazing iPhone that’s yet to come.

Though other smartphones manufacturers are already swiping the phones itself to pay for bills, it is only Apple that has first came up with the idea of mobile payments with just inches away from the counter without any physical contactsamong the devices at all. Perhaps, this will lead to a greater and high-technological era where cash and credit cards do not matter anymore as long as you have you iPhone to pay for all your purchases anywhere. Yes, it’s not just a phone… It’s everything you can ever imagine and wish for.