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Apps That Let You Use The Samsung Galaxy S3 With Apple Products

News   •   Aug 27, 2012 11:50 BST

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has enjoyed pretty much unchallenged success since it was launched in May this year but a new rival is set to be launched in the form of the iPhone 5. Each consumer will have their own opinion on which device is better with many opting for the feature packed Android platform over its iOS rival. Apple do boast some great features of their own such as Airplay but there are apps available which enable users of the S3 to use Airplay enabled products.

We have looked at numerous Airplay applications for the Samsung Galaxy S3 but the one that has impressed us the most is the excellent Twonky Beam. Twonky Beam is available for free from the Google Play store and it allows multi media content stored on the S3 to be easily streamed to Airplay devices. Apple TV is also supported by this application meaning that content can even be displayed on your home television. The software is very easy to use and will display a simple icon on the screen when content can be streamed. One particularly attractive aspect of this app is that it also supports DNLA which brings into play around fourteen thousand other media devices that it can link with. Bluetooth sharing is also supported. This is without doubt the most impressive media streaming software for the S3 that we have encountered, especially for users who want to link with Airplay systems.

There are a couple of other apps for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that work very well with Apple software such as iTunes. Android Hifi is a great example and really is a reverse of the functionality that Twonky Beam offers. The application enables users to stream any content from iTunes on their home computer directly to their S3 handset. This is a great idea as it means songs do not need to be physically stored on your phone although both devices do have to be connected to the same WiFi network for it to work. This means it is not a great option if you want to listen to songs when you are on the move. Remote For iTunes is another great little app although it is one of the more expensive available at £3.99. It performs much of the same functions as the official Apple Remote app and also most some unique features of its own. It basically turns the S3 into a remote control capable of controlling both iTunes and Apple TV. Because of the large interface it proves much easier than using the tiny remote supplied with Apple TV and it is also perfect if you have a computer linked with a home audio system as it gives you full control over your music catalogue.

Owning a Samsung Galaxy S3 does not mean that you cannot take advantage of great Apple services such as Airplay. The three apps we have looked at all perform different tasks and are a great way of Android users enjoying the benefits of formats such as Airplay and Apple TV.

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