Arrival of Smartphones Promotes Leniency among Employers on their Worforce’s Attendance

News   •   Jul 03, 2012 15:25 BST

Smartphones have become the ultimate indispensible device of the decade. Everywhere you go and anywhere you look, everyone seems to be belonging in a cult of smartphone frenzy. The wonder that had everybody hooked on these devices is that you can basically do anything you want to. A smartphone is actually a feature phone, a portable media player, a gaming console, file storage, a video camera, and a portable Internet browser all in one small device. It poses the convenience of being able to do everything by just bringing one device.

Smartphones are widely used in the corporate world because it allows businessmen to access, create, and receive e-mails even if they aren’t in their offices. Thus, it created a movement wherein employers and bosses are not that much concerned with the attendance of their subordinates since they can do their jobs while away from the office simply by using their smartphones. This will surely lead to the increasing demand for iPhone 5 deals and Samsung Galaxy S3 deals, two of the world’s best smartphones, even if the former is not yet released.

According to Mozy, because of mobile technologies which includes smartphone applications and cloud services, employers have become more open-minded when it comes to the flexibility of their workforce’s schedule. So long as they have their reports, tasks and duties submitted, some tend to become more lenient. Because of the wonders that technology can do, some tend to dismiss their wakeup calls and alarms in the morning. This study has concluded that because of this, employees can be late to as much as 32 minutes and they are now allowed to spend the quarter of the week with their families at home.

 In line with this, this study has also come up with the conclusion that one out of ten corporate workers is usually up by seven o’clock in the morning and has already checked their mail. However, with the British, which was found to be the keenest when it comes to punctuality, says that one-third of them have already checked their e-mails by 6:30 in the morning, whereas only 18% in the United States and 13% in France does the same thing at the same hour.

Who would have thought that the smartphone technology leads to the death of the customary eight-hour job which usually starts at eight or ten in the morning? Now, everyone has no excuses of not being able to do their responsibilities on time whether they are in the office or not. Wherever they are, accessing their mail is as easy as using their smartphones anytime anywhere.

 As a domino effect, the importance of smartphones in the corporate world is more appreciated. More and more people have jumped into the smartphone bandwagon in order to always be updated with the latest happening in their work as well as in their social circle. Because of this, more and more people are lining up for iPhone 5 deals and Samsung Galaxy S3 deals. These two phones are considered to be the most advanced when it comes to their functions and features that not all smartphones possess. On the top of their game, pre-orders on iPhone 5 deals and Samsung Galaxy S3 deals have been flying off telecommunication networks to the people who want to take advantage of work time flexibility.