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Artic Blue Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Appears In New Images

News   •   Jun 21, 2013 09:41 BST

Following a successful first two months of release we are now set to welcome some new variants of the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.  Several models have been rumoured but the two devices confirmed by Samsung are the Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy S4 Active.  Consumers have already seen the Active in a striking Orange colour and now images of a new Blue handset have popped up online ahead of its official launch.

After weeks worth of speculation about the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active the model was officially confirmed by the South Korean manufacturers last week and is due to be unveiled at a major press event being held tomorrow.  Soon after the model was confirmed we got our first glimpse at pictures of the handset in a very striking Orange colour.  This look may have caught the eye of a younger audience but the majority of consumers were not taken by this vibrant colour.  The new images that have appeared show a rather attractive Blue finish which is likely to appeal to a broader spectrum of consumers than the Orange model.  It has been reported that this new colour is named Artic Blue although a number of sources are labelling it as Dive Blue.  Whichever name turns out to be correct we will see it line up with the Orange model and the Urban Grey variant when the model gets a release.  Check out our website for more news

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active blue handset will not be entirely one colour as just like the other versions the handset features a black bumper positioned at the top and bottom of the chassis.  This is to help the device to withstand any knocks and is part of the reason behind its "Active" name.  Another major aspect of the new model is that the model can be submerged in water in depths of up to 1 metre.  On top of this the phone is also dust resistance.  These features which enhance the durability of the model are not the only aspects where the Active differs from the original S4.  The handset sports a camera offering an 8 megapixel resolution rather than 13 megapixels although it does have the added bonus of being able to capture images underwater.  The screen on the phone may also measure the same size as the S4 but it uses LCD technology rather than the more renowned Super AMOLED.  This screen can however be used when the phone is submerged which gives the model yet another unique selling point which is sure to attract some consumers.  Get GalaxyS4 Active Tariffs here

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active looks as though it will arrive in three different colour variants and we expect the model to go on sale at some point during Q3.