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Baron Warren Redfern Create IP Equip Tool for Businesses

News   •   Dec 12, 2013 15:46 GMT

Baron Warren Redfern, a leading IP firm based in London provides top trademark attorneys and patent attorneys throughout Europe and have helped the UK Intellectual Property Office by providing written content for an online training tool.

Mr Bridge-Butler said: “IP Equip bridges the gap between the need for basic information on IP on the ground, and the relatively high starting point of formal legal advice obtainable from a Patent or Trade Mark Attorney. This realm is traditionally inhabited by the kind of low-cost business adviser to whom a new company may turn for other services, such as a bank loan, the setting up of a new company, accountancy advice and so on. IP Equip is a training tool for such professionals.

“Therefore, the principal aim of IP Equip is to arm anyone who advises new businesses with sufficient information to identify where IP may exist, and how to go about protecting it. But as a consequence of its straightforward structure, IP Equip can also provide anyone with this knowledge. In particular, personnel at existing businesses who want to brush up on their IP awareness, or who want to find out about a subject area new to them, will find the tool very useful.”

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