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BBM Messaging with the Blackberry Curve 9360

News   •   May 06, 2012 10:52 BST

The Blackberry Curve 9360 offers great messaging with BBM and other means of sending text or multimedia to friends with speed and considerable ease. The handset enables you to instantly share what you are doing or have done with friends and contacts via multiple forms of communication. The most obvious forms of contacting friends through messaging on any handset are text messaging and multimedia messages, or SMS and MMS respectively. The former allows you to simply and easily send text to a contact within your phone book, while the latter provides you with both text and multimedia attachments form your phone, such as photos or videos. With this Blackberry device along with others such as the UK deals for Blackberry Bold 9790, you get the combined text and multimedia messaging within a free Blackberry Messenger service, commonly referred to by its abbreviation, BBM. This service works by connecting only these devices together through individual identifying codes which you give to friends. It is also important to note, that this service is extremely secure, as messages are fully encrypted. It is also great as it is fast and provides your messages in a conversation or threaded display, and as well as staggered timing between messages and reply, you can use it as a secure chat messaging service. BBM is one of the built in apps that the Curve 9360 offers in addition to others such as App World for downloading more applications to use, including from third parties, and Maps which provides you with maps, directions and more location based services. The handset also offers a great 5 megapixel camera which allows you to capture photos and videos which you can share over BBM instantly. Alternative ways are to use the easy and fast email app, or to connect with friends over the integrated social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter to share gossip, chat and your multimedia. You can store plenty of it on the device itself with 512 megabytes of internal storage, along with up to 32 gigabytes offered through the microSD card technology available. Messaging is also easy and fast with the handset including a full QWERTY keyboard for you to type freely and accurately, while viewing it on the display above. With the Blackberry Curve 9360 you can instantly and easily communicate with your friends and family through a range of technologies and features. And one of the best that is offered by this handset and its sister models is the preinstalled BBM respectively.