BBM still Popular with Teens

News   •   Jul 09, 2013 07:00 BST

Phone review team had talked to several teenagers that own BlackBerry, iPhones and also Android smartphones and found out that BlackBerry Messenger is still popular with teens.

There are many chat applications that can be found in an Android phone and iPhone but as what the phone review teams found out, teeners still love BlackBerry Messenger when compared to Whats Application. Perhaps, this is one of the main reasons why users are still looking for an update of the BBM on Android and iPhone.

This past weekend, there were updates that were posted for the readers and this report comes with some handy information regarding the BlackBerry Messenger release for iPhone and Android. Though, an insight was given, BlackBerry has not confirmed as to when this chat application will be launched. Users and readers are quite frustrated because BBM was not able to release it this month. A reader had stated that they have been waiting for the BBM Android for so long and now, he will be going to use some good applications than wait for it. However, even with this kind of statement, there are lots of teenagers that still love the BBM and this type of messaging have attracted both professionals and teeners in the past and surely with this development, it will attract more users today.

It is thought that BBM for Android and iPhone will become more popular to teenagers because as the phone review team had proven, they are talking about this for Android and iPhone. They have been using BBM even in schools. As what the phone review team said, everyone in school is talking about the BBM for the two smartphones. A student had stated that he loved the BlackBerry Messenger though he is now using an iPhone, he misses the messenger; he also said that he will be the first one to download the BBM on his iPhone if it is released.

Are you excited to see the launching of BBM on Android and iPhone? Will you download this application as soon as it is released? Are you one of the many who cannot wait to have the chat application in Android and iPhone? Is BBM really popular in school specially with teeners? What updates are you expecting BBM to have? Post your thoughts and share them with other iPhone and Android lovers like you. 

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