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Benchmark reveals two new Sony handsets – D2004 and S2303

News   •   Dec 28, 2013 12:11 GMT

Benchmark results have revealed two new handset made by Sony. The handsets (D2004 and S2303) are reportedly scheduled to make an appearance in 2014. One will be an entry-level handset. The other will be mid-range.

The benchmark results were spotted in AnTuTu. The results were first seen by XperiaGuide, which reports, “We have seen Sony D2004, Sony D2105 ( successor of Xperia L C2105 ) Sony D5322, Sony D5303, Sony D5503 ( aka Xperia Z1 Mini global version codenamed as “Xperia Amami” ), Sony D6503 and Sony SGP521 ( successor of LTE Xperia Tablet Z SSP321 ). Just now we spotted two new Sony 2014models Sony D2004 and Sony D2303 on AnTuTu Benchmark database.

“Sony D2004 scores 12633 points and Sony S2303 scores 17853 points on AnTuTu benchmark scale.”

Talking about the D2004 scoring 12633 points, the site reports, “Yesterday we saw Sony D2005 scoring 12790 points and same range points is scored by Sony D2004 which clearly indicates that they are part of same series Sony D20XX and one being the LTE version and other being HSPA+ version hopefully, both low-end devices.”

Talking about the D2303 scoring 17853 points, the site reports, “Sony D2303 seems to be all new series and a mid-end device.”

We’re betting Sony will lift the lid on their handsets at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2014 in February.