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Better processing power included on iPhone 4S

News   •   May 06, 2012 11:22 BST

The best offers for iPhone 4S include the powerful A5 processor which delivers a dual core experience up to seven times faster with graphics processing. This allows better speed and faster responsiveness with the newest iPhone which also offers a better camera, newer and improved operating system, and advanced voice commend software. The handset comes with Siri a new voice command and recognition system which enables you to speak directly to the phone and converts what you are saying to the appropriate app. For example, when you ask “Do I need an umbrella?”, it will understand the request as to what the weather is like and answer the question appropriately. You can also input new events and meetings into your calendar using the intuitive and almost futuristic application. Other capabilities include being able to make phone calls, send messages, set reminders and ask for a contact’s number. It is a voice commanded personal assistant on your mobile, and one of the new features added to the updated iOS 5 operating system respectively. The new OS boasts over 200 new features on its iOS 4 predecessor the iPhone 4 features. Some of the new features include the internal iOS 5 messaging service iMessage, the Notification Centre which organises notifications for you, and full Twitter integration for social networking and more. The iPhone 4S still includes the newer sleek design and the impressive Retina display while the 8 megapixel camera is now capable of video recording in High Definition. The camera is still supported by an LED flash, face detection and more, accompanied by a front facing VGA camera capable of 30 frames per second. Other major features of the phone include the ability to store and backup your music and other media as well as files to the new iCloud data service, and more built-in apps which come automatically on the handset such as Newsstand offering easier subscriptions to magazines on your phone. The Find My iPhone tracking is a great security benefit meanwhile, allowing you to trace your handset’s location, send a message to it and remotely erase its data if necessary. The iPhone 4S is a powerful handset which offers some of the most advanced features available for any smartphone on the market. The camera is easy to use yet powerful, and the new operating system allows you to do more, and faster along with the A5 processor. There are more features and apps already installed too, allowing you to get going with the handset faster and do many things.