Big Data - Is it a big asset?

News   •   Jul 31, 2012 10:52 BST


The concept of Big Data is never an easy one to explain to high ranking non technical executives. Few understand what Big Data actually is; it’s potential for the business, what the current problems are and how to approach solving the problems. “It requires some pretty hard discussions with the business,” says analyst Clive Longbottom at Quocirca.

Big Data is not about size, but complexity.

“Big Data is not really about volume - a gazillion bytes of data in a database is a large data problem. But just one gigabyte of data that is spread across databases and file and block storage is a Big Data issue - a key point that many do not understand,” says Longbottom.

Quocirca identifies Big Data by ‘The Three Vs’: Variety, Volume and Velocity. Variety, says Longbottom, is the biggest challenge. The variety of data extends beyond traditional databases and files, into data streams, social media and every type of data in motion. This includes a lot of information that may be under other people's control - across the value chain or out on the internet.

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