Blackberry 9360 Review

News   •   Mar 15, 2012 09:00 GMT

The Blackberry 9360, which is also called the Curve 9360, is one of the latest smartphones to hit the shops and if you’re a Blackberry lover then this will really make your ears prick up. Blackberry refuses to follow what other mobile phone makers are creating and sticks with its style that they have developed and its customers have loved for years.

The operating system is slick and looks fantastic and is very intuitive to use. It’s perfect for business or simply for those users that use a lot of applications, or it’s great just for those that want to keep in touch with their family and friends. With the Blackberry 9360 you can have social alerts that mean you can be up to date within seconds of what is happing, and as you can get real-time updates you will never miss a meeting, request or notification. Thanks to the BBM technology you can chat on the go with your friends and essentially have conversations with people that are anywhere in the country – yet again, this is a great application for business users that work on the road or at remote locations.

It’s not just BBM that the Blackberry 9360 is known for as it comes complete with the Near Field Communication technology. This means you can send , receive, connect and post files, pictures and live content to those that are nearby and have an HFC device. This is perfect for connecting to business associates or friends without the need to send emails making it quicker and easier to send files. What’s more, you can buy your favourite tunes and download them from the Blackberry Music Store, which is similar to the iTunes, and gives yet another reason to buy a Blackberry over an iPhone.

Thanks to the Liquid Graphics technology you can be absorbed by the stunning display that is available on the screen. The apps run smoother and there is a fluid transition when it comes to connecting to the Internet via a web browser. This means that in a world where we need instant access and no messing around waiting for loading pages, the Blackberry 9360 is ideal.

The Blackberry 7 technology means that you can upload, download and use content with precision and ease. The graphics are smarter, the processor is faster and it means you can abuse the phone by watching videos while having a browser open and the image won’t pixelate or stutter. The way that Blackberry has moved the goal posts on from previous models and other companies’ devices is incredible.

The main pull to Blackberry is it might not be as pretty as an iPhone 4 but it certainly performs well. It’s a workhorse that can handle all of your requests and needs, and it has a myriad of business uses and connectivity options that mean it’s hard to ignore. If you want to try a Blackberry 9360 Curve then head over to the Mobile Phone Checker website and compare the mobile phone contracts and join the Blackberry fan club.