BlackBerry 9360: Sharper and Sleeker than a Tuxedo

News   •   Jul 03, 2012 13:00 BST

The BlackBerry 9360 is smartphone released by RIM and BlackBerry on the last months of 2011. This handheld device has a sleek and sharp design that’s to die for, a complete QWERTY keyboard that promotes ease in typing messages, NFC connectivity and the best BlackBerry Messenger ever due to its cutting-edge operating system 7. It is light, it’s clean looking, and it’s made the way it is not just to fit in pockets, but also in budgets.

The line of BlackBerry curve mobile phones has been consistently providing a full QWERTY keyboard experience with a corporate touch that is always bearing a modest price tag and the BlackBerry Curve 9360 is not an exemption. However, what puts it in a pedestal compared to its brothers and sisters in the Curve family is that it has 3G connectivity, something that is missing from BlackBerry Curve 8520. This model is also equipped with the near field communication that allows wireless interaction with other smartphones powered by the latest iteration from RIM’s OS. Lastly, another thing to fall head over heels in love with the BlackBerry 9360 is its vivid 5 megapixel camera that shots like a pro.

Speaking about falling in love, perhaps you will be astounded to know that this Curve family member takes the center stage among its long standing line due to its super thin chassis that makes it so compact. And though it has the same glossy plastic exterior that scratches easily on the back just like its family line, its gunmetal bezel makes the refinement worth it. So far, the BlackBerry 9360 has a wonderful design that sets it apart from its predecessors but not so much since one cannot deny its cursory look that points to the Curve line.

Physically, the BlackBerry 9360 sports a 3.5mm headset jack port with a stiff-feeling lock, a convenience key and a volume rocker on its right side, and a micro USB port on its left. Its back part contains the rear 5megapixel camera, batter compartment and the SIM and micro SC card slots.

On the downside, the BlackBerry 9360 has its fair share of shortcomings as well. One of these is the limited applications since the BlackBerry App World is noticeably small when compared to the Apple Store of the Android Market. Other things that will not make you go crazy over this handset are the average battery life and a relatively slow web performance. Aside from that, this handheld device is quite a catch considering its features. If you a fan of a sleekly designed phone with nice physical and convenience buttons and a robust messaging capability, then theBlackBerry 9360is the perfect for you and perfect for your budget as well.

The BlackBerry 9360 is the gateway product for BlackBerry and RIM in terms of functionality and sleek, sophisticated and sharp design that looks as though it is one of BlackBerry’s premier-priced items. With a surprisingly low price tag attached to it, basically anyone can own one of these handsets and still be happy for a smart purchase.