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Blackberry Q5 price and release date revealed by online retailer

News   •   Jun 11, 2013 00:09 BST

The price and release date of the Blackberry Q5 (see more Blackberry Q5 info here) has been revealed by an online retailer, beating the Canadian phone maker to the punch.

The online retailer in question is Unlocked-Mobile. A product page (see product page here) was set up for Q5. Here, the retailer announced, “The BlackBerry Q5 is the first affordable device from the BlackBerry 10 collection. As expected the phone has the distinct look of BlackBerry, with a plastic case and a QWERTY keyboard that is perfect for anyone who prefers to type using keys rather than a touchscreen. There is a 5 mega pixel camera along with a 2 mega pixel front camera and a 3.1 inch LCD display that is big enough for you to view images, browse online, send messages and catch up with all the action on your social networks with ease.”

Then page also reveals the Q5’s release date. It said, “Pre Order. Stock expected middle of July. Customers advised to pre order early to guarantee a handset from Batch 1.” This will be on the 15th of July.

In terms of price, the product page reveals that the Q5 will set you back £349.98. VAT is already included.

£349.98 for the Blackberry Q5? We were under the impression that it would be affordable. Oh well.

Will you be buying the Blackberry Q5 from Unlocked-Mobile, or will you wait for an official announcement from Blackberry? Let us know through a comment below.