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Blackberry to add A10 and 9720 to 2013 lineup says report

News   •   Jul 15, 2013 17:14 BST

This 2013, Blackberry 10 handsets consist of the Z10, the Q10, and the Q5. Now a report is saying that the Canadian phone maker will be adding two more phones to this lineup, the A10 and the 9720.

BGR reports, “Thanks to multiple trusted sources, however, we not only know but we also have some exclusive photos. First up is the BlackBerry A10, code-named “Aristo.” This device is going to be positioned as the most powerful, capable BlackBerry yet with a big focus on power and gaming.”

Specs-wise, the site says, “The A10 will feature a huge 5-inch screen, which is much larger than the current crop of BlackBerry handsets, and we’re told it will also sport a much more refined fit and finish.”

It adds, “We are also told that the BlackBerry A10 is going to feature 2GB of RAM and a dual-core processor. We were told by one source BlackBerry has not been able to make the jump to quad-core chips possibly due to concerns over battery life or possibly difficulties optimizing its BlackBerry 10 software, so it seems that the dual-core chip was necessary. We are told that the phone features the same silicon structure that the iPhone does, with separate CPU and GPU processors.

“The styling of the BlackBerry A10 closely resembles a Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact, we are told it’s actually larger than the Galaxy S4, but more rounded and less aggressive-looking than the Z10. We would expect an 8-megapixel camera, but have not been able to confirm that or other details just yet.”

The A10 is expected to make its appearance in the fall.

The other handset is the more affordable 9720. According to the site, “Switching over to the BlackBerry 9720, this is a rehash of BlackBerry’s ever-popular BlackBerry 9700, except it has been updated with BlackBerry’s new atrocious design language and styling.”

It adds, “The only saving grace here is that we are told this is a replacement for the BlackBerry 9320, so look for this to be a somewhat lower cost device that should retail for around $350 off contract in many parts of the world.”

Want to get your hands on the Blackberry A10, or are you more interested in the Blackberry 9720? Let us know through a comment.

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