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Blue And Red Versions Of The HTC One To Arrive Soon

News   •   Jun 03, 2013 07:33 BST

The new HTC One is an important release for the Taiwanese manufacturer as this new device has been given the responsibility of boosting sales for the company and also taking on models such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. This new handset from HTC has already achieved great results, so much so that the company have chosen to release two new colour variants of the One which should give the model a wider appeal.

Recent speculation suggests that we will see a Red and a Blue version of the flagship HTC One that are set to arrive over the next few weeks. Pocket Lint have just leaked an image of the red version of the device on their site and they have also commented that their source who provided the images is close to HTC and therefore reliable. The same source also confirmed that a new blue version of the handset is also in the production stages. To date we have not seen any images of the rumoured blue version, so we are unable to say whether it will be a dark blue or a more vibrant shade. The recent leaked images shows a striking red device, so we expect HTC to also produce a blue version that will also be eye catching.  Click here for more HTC One News

As with a lot of rumours surrounding potential smartphone releases, we have to take them with a pinch of salt. In this case HTC themselves posted the red version of the HTC One on their own official site which was there long enough for thousands of people to see it, but was then quickly removed. The price was present on the post stating that the device would set consumers back a cool £503.99. We expect the blue version to also have the same price tag. To date we have not been given an official release date, but as we have already seen the model on the official website, we expect the launch to be be in the very near future. It is becoming very common for smartphone manufacturers to launch their handsets in various different colours and it has been said that Apple are looking to release their next generation iPhone in a selection of finishes.  Nokia and Samsung also produce an extensive range of different colours on some of their leading handsets.  Check out HTC One offers here

The new HTC One is a popular device thanks to its combination of style and superb specification. New reports suggest that we will soon see two new colour variants of this impressive device.