Boho Sharky's Boho Chic

News   •   Feb 04, 2011 10:03 GMT

Originally, bohemians were refugees or travellers from Europe and their style was not considered particularly cool and, sometimes, was even frowned upon. Later, however, the ‘fash pack’ came to adopt traveller style and it was during the 60s that the trend really took off. With all the cultural changes taking place, the hippie, bohemian style was embraced by the masses and the idea of being an artist or literary became the norm. In 2003/2004, the likes of Sienna Millar and Nicole Richie took charge of the trend once again, this time, glamming it up, making it more sexy, more chic.

In the past decade this look has become hugely popular. With boho chic filtering in and out of catwalks and shops on a yearly basis, and with the help of festivals such as Glastonbury, the boho look is a staple.

Now however, we see the look everywhere and its casual, shabby chic just isn’t as desirable. The look needs to be updated, needs to be offering us more and needs to bring some originality back to the style. But fear not, for this is exactly what the Egyptian designer, Reham Essam, is doing through her label, Boho Sharky . Boho Sharky is giving us classic bohemian style but with a wonderful, oriental flair.

In a short collection comprising a range of accessories and cover ups, Essam demonstrates an ability to mix casual fabrics with intricate details which result in products that display real thought and quality. The Egyptian detailing adds a whole new dimension to the collection, really bringing the look forward. The handmade, patchwork Tarbouche Poncho is adorned with old Egyptian coins, while the leopard-print Pashmina With Patchwork is ornamented with metallic beads. A personal favourite are the beautiful silver, drop earrings. Tiny balls of hand woven thread fall from the earrings in black, cream, duck egg blue and rich burgundy. The earrings embody traditional bohemian style but in a delicate and very elegant way, far from any high street boho attempt.

Catering for a customer who has a relaxed and stylish look, the collection is easily wearable. With a cape, poncho and pashmina, this collection oozes laid back comfort but still with the glamour that other bohemian looks can lack. From working as a fashion and beauty editor in a number of leading lifestyle magazines, to producing fashion and lifestyle segments on Egyptian TV, Essam has had years of experience which have no doubt enabled her to create such an inspired and original collection.

The collection is unmistakeably luxuriant and the hard work Essam has put into it is clear. She has managed to take a somewhat common style and made her own relaxed, yet still glamorous version.

Her collection is available for purchase on and will soon be on TellusFashion as well.