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Boosted SD Card Storage Options Thanks To New Samsung Galaxy S4 Update

News   •   Jun 10, 2013 10:58 BST

Despite the Samsung Galaxy S4 being possibly the most popular smartphone that is currently available on the market the new device has still faces some criticism. Consumers have been reporting complaints regarding the low storage capacity on the new phone, but hopefully the new software update that is soon to be released will address this problem. We have now seen more information emerge about what else this new update will offer.

  Samsung have attempted to rectify the storage issue by introducing a software update for the Samsung Galaxy S4. There are a number of other minor bugs that will also be addressed. The main issue that was meant to be resolved by the update was the purple blurring that would appear on the display when the user is scrolling very quickly. Unfortunately the problem still seems to be present after several handsets have been tested. there is one element that seems to have worked well and that is the changes that have made to the way that the micro SD card slot works. Users can now choose whether they would like to save an application directly to the SD card rather than using up the internal storage. The update has also trimmed back "bloatware" which has increased the level of available internal storage.  original source for this Samsung Galaxy S4 story here

  There have been other tweaks made by this latest update to other areas of functionality as well as the interface. The legibility of content that is displayed has been boosted by a new screen mode and there is also a transparent status bar included as well as there being new icons present in the Settings Menu. Consumers in Germany will be the first to have access to this latest download followed by other European regions shortly afterwards. The only variants that currently have this update available to them are those 4G versions and also those that run the Qualcomm quad core chipset.  Check out EE 4G network options for the GalaxyS4 here

  It has been announced that we will soon see a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is expected to improve the internal storage capacity that the device offers as well as making some changes to the functionality.