Bored Waiting For the Next Olympics Event? Download This..

News   •   Aug 01, 2012 13:00 BST

The Olympics 2012 in London has already taken hold of our attention and is tremendous to watch Team GB go for gold in a myriad of events, but what happens if you’re at home or lucky enough to watch the Games first hand and you have time to kill? Well, you’d look for a topical app to download and thanks to the latest Google Doodle on the homepage, you can see that fencing is the celebrated sport and guess what, you can download a fencing app to practice at while you’re waiting to watch the real thing.

While the Olympic Games are taking place you will see that there are many things out there to capture your attention but the fencing app is quite tricky and unique that it’s worth a shot. What’s more it’s available for both iOS and Android devices. It’s the ideal game to play while you’re sitting idly or queuing to get into another stadium in the Village. You don’t even have to be a huge fencing fan to enjoy it, it’ll help you learn the skills and points needed to win and no doubt you will be ushering your friends or family along to the fencing events to try and watch it after you’ve played!

It’s a game of mental strength, speed, agility and discipline which is exactly what you need to be able to win the game. If you want to download it, just head over the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android phones and you can have it in an instant. It’s free on iOS and lets you understand how, why and where you need to tag an opponent to score a point. All of the bouts, medals and results will pop up in the app in real time so you can always be up to date with the whereabouts and scores of Team GB and others.

There is another fencing app that is £1.60 and once you see it you’ll soon learn why. A lot of time and effort has gone into creating the app that it is worth the money. You’ll see how the equipment, moves and history of fencing has changed over the years and by the time you’ve watched the videos and read what’s there you’ll want a go yourself. You can fully customise the app so you can feel vibrations and see the scores as well as hear different sounds.

So, if fencing is your sport or you want to learn a little more about it then using your iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy SIII you can download the app and play it on your phone. If you’re looking for a new phone that will be able to handle such incredible data and offerings from new apps then you should check out Mobile Phone Checker and see what iPhone 4S deals, Samsung Galaxy SIII deals or PAYG SIM cards are available so you can have more control over your smartphone.