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British Airways to be more lenient with mobile phone restrictions

News   •   Jun 26, 2013 16:26 BST

British Airways will soon be more lenient with their mobile phone restrictions, allowing passengers to turn on their smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 5 (check out Apple iPhone 5 here) or the Samsung Galaxy S4 (check out Samsung Galaxy S4 here) as soon as the airplane lands.

The news comes to us courtesy of The Telegraph (check out newspaper here). The newspaper reports, “Fliers are usually told that they must not switch on any electronic devices until the aircraft doors have opened, although many do not observe this rule. But British Airways said passengers will, from July 1, be allowed to check emails, make phone calls and texts, or switch on other gadgets, immediately after the aircraft has left the runway.

“Once the aircraft has landed, cabin crew will make an announcement to customers to let them know they can use their handheld mobile devices, it said. On departing flights, customers will still be required to turn off devices when the aircraft leaves the gate.”

Ian Pringle, British Airways flight training manager, said, “Customers will no longer have the frustration of having to wait until their plane has arrived at the terminal building before being able to use their mobile phones and other handheld electronic devices. Now they’ll have that extra time to phone ahead for that important business meeting, check their emails, or make sure someone is there to meet them at the airport.”

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