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Britons take Google to court for violation of privacy – search giant claims UK law has no jurisdiction

News   •   Aug 19, 2013 13:59 BST

Google, developer of Android (OS running on popular devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone), is being taken to court by Apple device-using Britons for allegedly violating their privacy. Google claims that UK law has no jurisdiction over them.

According to the Daily Mail, “Privacy campaigners have attacked Google after the search giant claimed it was immune to British law.

“The US company is accused of illegally snooping on its British customers by bypassing privacy settings on Apple devices, such as iPads, to track their browsing history.

“A group of Britons has taken the firm to court over the claims, but Google is now trying to have the case thrown out.

“It claims it is not subject to British privacy law because it is based in California – prompting outrage from campaigners.”

Big Brother Watch director, Nick Pickles, said, “It is deeply worrying for a company with millions of British users to be brazenly saying they do not regard themselves bound by UK law.

“Regulators need to step up and ensure that when citizens are illegally tracked against their wishes, the companies riding roughshod over their privacy is held to account.”

Olswang solicitor, Dan Tench, said, “Google has a substantial presence here and earns substantial revenues here.

“This is yet another instance of Google being here when it suits them and not being here when it doesn’t.”

The Daily Mail adds, “More than 100 Apple customers in Britain are now taking legal action against Google, and seeking compensation.

“But yesterday their lawyers revealed Google is arguing that British courts have ‘no jurisdiction’ over the firm, as its services are based in California.

“It also argues that information it gleans from people carrying out internet searches cannot be deemed ‘private or confidential’.”

Is Google right when it says UK law has no jurisdiction over it? Let us know what you think through a comment below.

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