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Brits Compete with Their Loved Ones for Best TV Watching Spots on Sofa

News   •   Aug 26, 2013 09:00 BST

·  Sacrificing our favourite spot on the sofa for another family member annoys seven in ten Brits

·  Nine in ten Brits have a favourite spot on the sofa when watching TV

·  70% of pet owners miss out on comfortable TV watching because of their four-legged friends

Seven in ten Brits get annoyed when they have to sacrifice their favourite spot on the sofa for other family members, finds new research from Panasonic Smart VIERA. The survey of over 1,000 British families, designed to uncover what goes on behind the scenes when the whole family gets together in front of the TV, reveals that sharing a sofa with our loved ones is in fact, a complicated endeavour.

According to the findings, nine in ten Brits have a favourite spot on the sofa when watching TV. However, despite having strong preferences, 68% of us have to regularly give away our place for others and watch TV from a less comfortable angle.

Six out of ten parents admit that their children usually get more central spots on the sofa when the whole family is gathered to enjoy their favourite shows. One in three Brits also say that their spouses and partners tend to hog a better place. And as if all of these weren’t enough, 70% of pet owners have to sacrifice their comfort because of sharing a sofa with their furry companions.

With children, partners and even pets regularly standing in the way of our quality TV viewing experience, 79% of Britons end up sitting on the end of the sofa and having to put up with bad picture quality.

The good news, however, is that from now on those sat to the side of the TV will not have to put up with poor viewing experience. Panasonic’s new Smart VIERA LED TVs featuring IPS panel with a unique liquid crystal alignment, eliminate the problem by ensuring a great picture quality with natural colour and contrast, no matter what angle you are watching from.

Brits’ Top 8 TV-Watching Sofa Peeves

1.  The Squash Factor –46%hate feeling hampered or unable to move and change position when sharing a sofa with loved ones

2.  Restless sofa-sharers –44% get annoyed with other people’s fidgeting

3.  Snooze-blockers – 36% would really rather lie down along the whole sofa than make room for their partner or children

4.  Unhappy feet – 17% dislike it when their family members put their feet up in their lap

5.  Warm Bodies – 17% secretly hate their loved ones snuggling up when they are already too warm

6.  Mind the Gap – 15% dread that sinking sensation, falling into the gap between the cushions

7.  Cushion drift –14% get irritated with partners and children slouching and pulling sofa seat cushions down

8.  Wandering Hands –10% can’t stand a touchy-feely partner’s arm coming between their back and the sofa


About the Survey

The survey was conducted among 1003 adults with at least 2 children aged 3-18 living with them. The research was conducted by Redshift Research in July 2013, using an online survey.