Building and Leveraging a Process Centric Business Architecture, Roger Burlton, 7-9 October 2013, London

News   •   Aug 26, 2013 11:03 BST

This seminar provides a comprehensive examination of Enterprise-level Business Process Architectures and their Alignment with other enterprise capabilities. It will deal with all
the complexities of Business Process Management (BPM) at the strategic level of
organizations. It emphasises the management of business processes as assets of
the enterprise and focuses on the critical role that processes play in
connecting the strategic objectives of the organization with its resources and
with what people do every day.


Roger Burlton has conducted over  forty architecture projects for many types of industries around the world. He  also has run approximately one hundred and eighty seminars on the topic  continuously since 1994 and was the first person in the world to do so.    An exceptional speaker and an engaging workshop facilitator , he has  chaired several high profile conferences on Advanced Business and Information  Management around the world, including the annual IRM BPM conference. To date,  he has presented to over forty thousand professionals. His seminars have been  translated for diverse audiences around the globe