Business Analysis with Business Rules

News   •   Dec 24, 2013 14:34 GMT

Business Analysis with Business Rules

Ron Ross and Gladys Lam

12-13 May 2014, London

This highly pragmatic seminar and workshop shows you how to achieve unparalleled success in business analysis. It details the innovative techniques you need for a business-driven approach, and how to apply each for dramatic improvements in the quality of business requirements. Find out how you can achieve simpler, smarter process models, and a huge boost in business agility.

  • Develop a full business solution not just a system design

  • Involve business stakeholders at the right times and in the right ways

  • Enable stakeholders to understand clearly why each element of the solution is the right one

  • Create a business architecture consisting of business strategy, business process model, business vocabulary and business rules

  • Use pattern questions to harvest business rules

  • Use business rules and a business architecture to develop more robust requirements