Business Rules and Decisions: Analysis Techniques

News   •   Jun 08, 2014 13:33 BST

Business Rules and Decisions: Analysis Techniques

Ron Ross

20-21 November 2014, London

This hands-on workshop gives you the essential tools you need to achieve order-of-magnitude improvements in your company's capacity to manage decisions. The result is simpler, smarter process models and a huge boost in business agility. Learn applied techniques from the recognized world leader in the field, Ronald Ross.

Delegates will learn:

  • Conduct smarter, more effective business analysis
  • Identify and analyze decisions in business processes
  • Capture business rules
  • Write clear, business-friendly rule statements
  • Create robust decision tables
  • Identify anomalies in decision logic and correct them early
  • Perform concept analysis and develop a structured business vocabulary
  • Develop a pragmatic rule management approach