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Cheaper iPhone Light leaked – photos show device in colour green

News   •   Jul 02, 2013 15:28 BST

The iPhone Light, Apple’s rumoured cheaper iPhone, has been leaked in photos. Upon looking at the photos, you’ll be surprised to see that the device is green. This is something so un-Apple. Ordinarily, Apple only releases the iPhone (check out Apple iPhone 5 here) in two colours, white and black. Now it appears that it has chosen to break away from the norm and add more colour to this new iPhone.

The leaked photos of the iPhone Light are seen on NoWhereElse (check out site here), a French-speaking site. The casing of the device is coloured green and appears to be made out of plastic. If genuine, this will be the first time Apple has chosen to make an iPhone casing out of the cheaper material.

Apple is also rumoured to release the iPhone Lite and the iPhone 5S (check out Apple iPhone 5S here) later during the year. If true, this would be another first from the Cupertino firm. Apple normally releases one iPhone every year.

Eager to find out if rumours of the Apple iPhone Light is true or not? Stay tuned for more updates.