Comparing iOS 7 to iOS 6 for Siri Features

News   •   Jul 07, 2013 07:00 BST

Readers know now that Apple iOS 7 mobile operating system has been officially introduced at the recent WWDC event. The introduction is the upgraded version which will soon be made available for developers in beta form. Internet surfers will get to see two videos showing the iOS 7 and iOs 6 for Siri features. This will give them an idea of the improvements that have been created for the two operating system.

A video was posted earlier showing Android 4.2.2 comparing  it with the iOs 7 beta. The new video gives the difference of the newer operating system as against the present iOs 6. The short 2 minute video demo explains the new Siri Voice of iOS 7 beta compared to the iOS 6. The comparison features male and female voices of the Siri digital assistant and viewers will probably be able to recognize the voices’ sound because the changes are quite obvious. Questions like weather, movies, calendar and time can be asked in the Siri. The iOS 7 Siri can find movies while the iOS 6 cannot.

A second video that lasted for 6 minutes also showed the new male and female voices used in iOS 7 beta. Siri in this version can also inform its users about new notifications and can perform other functions such as turning on its Bluetooth. A video reviewer using an iPhone 5 notes that some of the bugs from the beta 1 seem to have been solved and perfected. The reviewer also demonstrated the female Siri voice which sounds less mechanical than its previous version. It also shows Siri was able to turn the display brightness.

 These videos offer an attractive look at the new iOS 7 and surely,  lots of people will wait for the public release of the upgraded operating system. Check the video out and share your comments. Which do you prefer? Male or Female Siri voice? Are there any enhancements that you’d like to see in the new version? 

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