Comparing The HTC One X to The HTC One V

News   •   Jul 10, 2012 13:00 BST

The HTC One X and HTC One V are two Android mobile phones manufactured by Taiwanese brand HTC, which was formerly known as High Tech Corporation. The company began manufacturing smartphones based on the operating system, hardware, software and applications of tech giant Android in 2009. The two phones mentioned above are two of their latest models that are often pitted against each other due to their great number of similarities. To put an end to the question of which phone received more attention from HTC prior to its production, let us see their features and specifications:


The HTC One X brags of a super-speed web browsing ability, clear-cut photos and awesome gaming visuals. This smartphone is elegant and simple in appearance,  and one cannot underestimate the power of the HTC One X. This device holds the quintessential meaning of the phrase “simplicity is beauty”. The HTC One X’s minimalist design might be mistaken for an ordinary phone, but inside lie a myriad of features that will make you ask for more.

HTC One X is an amazing camera phone that instantly opens in a jiffy. With a gorgeous 8 mega pixel, you can expect crisp, light and vivid pictures all the time. Also despite movements and the absence of natural light, the camera on this phone can never go wrong with the HTC ImageChip that allows swift shooting motions and high definition videos. Another thing to love is that it makes use of the Gorilla glass technology making sure that it is scratch-resistant and durable too. HTC also managed to incorporate the Beats Audio technology in the HTC One series making sure that audiophiles will never have to listen to low-quality music ever again.


HTC claims that the HTC One V is the ultimate “small but terrible” smartphone. Warning its users of underestimating the phone because of its small compact size, One V is much like the One X that is jam packed with amazing features. Talking about its design, the One V is a distinctive model due to its curved chin. This bottom chin makes it so easy to hold and grip.

HTC One V is a camera phone that has zero shutter delay and the camera instantaneously open as soon as it is clicked on the icon. It has a powerful interface which makes every process easy. Compared to the 8 mega pixel of the One X, the camera of the One V is just 5 mega pixel but still captures picture with great shots, though not as crisp as when captured by the One X version. Another common denominator is the Beats Audio technology that refines music with a rich and authentic sound.


Both One X and One V are both amazing smartphones that has lightning-fast browsing ability. Almost everything is the same except that the camera resolution on the former is slighter higher in quality. Bottom line, if you are opting for non-flashy phone with a simple design, but are amazing on features especially on web browsing speed, go for the HTC One X. However, if you are more on the distinctive look and compactness of the body of the phone, choose the HTC One V for a petite handset that’s monstrous on features.