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Conservative Party: Boris Johnson announces desire to run for re-election

News   •   Sep 10, 2010 13:44 BST

Speaking to the Nick Ferrari show this morning, Boris Johnson announced his intention to seek a second term as Mayor of London.

He has pledged that he will not be distracted from the important work in transforming the city.

Commenting on the decision, Boris Johnson said:

"The people of this great city elected me in 2008 because they shared my desire to make our streets safer, to improve London’s transport, to protect and enhance our green spaces and to deliver value for money. I believe we have made many advances in all these areas. A lot has been done - but in a great city such as ours, there will always be more to do."

Read the Mayor's exclusive blog post or visit his campaign website for more information.

Caroline Roberts, Regional Chairman of London Conservatives, said: "I am delighted to confirm that I have today received a letter from Boris Johnson confirming his intention to seek the party's endorsement to stand for re-election as Mayor of London in 2012."

And she added, "In accordance with the agreed procedures of the Conservative Party, I will be calling a meeting of Constituency Association representatives and London Area officers on 14thOctober at which Boris will be asked to speak and take questions prior to a vote on his re-selection as Prospective Conservative Mayoral Candidate for the 2012 election."