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Conservative Party: Cameron challenges Brown over recession

News   •   Dec 03, 2009 10:16 GMT

At Prime Minister’s Questions, David Cameron highlighted Government failure on the economy.

He pointed to the "three biggest claims" made by the Prime Minister, and how they had turned out to be "his biggest failures".

Cameron also asked about Afghanistan. He said that President Obama’s speech was "very welcome", and questioned the Prime Minister over "what the US surge will mean for British Forces".

Brown's three economic claims that turned out to be failures are as follows:

  • He said we were better prepared than other countries when our public finances were the worst prepared.
  • He said Britain was leading the world out of recession, when the rest of the world are out of recession and we are the last out.
  • He said he’d abolished boom and bust, and he’s delivered the biggest boom and the deepest bust.