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Conservative Party: Cameron's case against AV

News   •   Feb 21, 2011 11:00 GMT

The Prime Minister gave a speech explaining why Britain should vote 'No' in the Alternative Vote (AV) referendum on May 5th.

David Cameron explained that the AV system would lead to unfair election results, with the public's second choice capable of gaining power.

He emphasised how AV is a "waste of time, money and effort", adding, "I don't think we should replace a system that everyone gets with one that's only understood by a handful of elites."

Under AV, "there could well be an occasion where we have a genuine second-choice government. If the last election was under AV, there would be the chance, right now, that Gordon Brown would still be Prime Minister."

David Cameron pointed out that rejection of AV is not a rejection of reform. "Politics has to change, because frankly, in too many ways the political system is broken", and "the coalition is committed to sweeping reform" but "the truth is that AV is a system that no one actually wants".

The Prime Minister said his three big problems with AV are:

  1. It would leads to outcomes that are unfair;
  2. It is a voting system that is unclear;
  3. It means a political system that is unaccountable.

Concluding, David Cameron added:

"When it comes to our democracy, Britain shouldn't have to settle for anyone's second choice."

Read the Prime Minister's speech in full and find out how you can get involved.