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Conservative Party: Cameron urges Government to deal with its debt

News   •   Jan 07, 2010 10:44 GMT

At Prime Minister's Questions, Cameron highlighted growing concern about the Government's debt.

This year the Government will have to borrow £178 billion.

Cameron criticsed Gordon Brown for the Government's handling of the public finances.

He said the following individuals and organisations had all questioned it:

  • One of the largest holders of government debt has warned that British debt is likely to be downgraded.
  • The CBI say the Government’s plans are "too little too late"
  • The Governor of the Bank of England says "there is not a credible plan"
  • The OECD says "more ambitious” plans "would strengthen the recovery"
  • And Howard Davies, the man the Prime Minister appointed as the head of the FSA, has said that "the loss of confidence in the government’s ability to get the public finances back under control" is "the major risk"

"Isn't the reason for the lack of faith in the Government's plans that the Prime Minister is so completely unable to admit what everyone knows to be true – that there is a need for cuts to be made?", Cameron asked.

He also pointed out that if the Prime Minister can't convince his own Chancellor and Business Secretary of his leadership on public finances, then it is no surprise that he can't convince the country.

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