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Conservative Party: Changing the way government works

News   •   Nov 09, 2010 10:10 GMT

The Prime Minister today set out plans to change the way government works.

The target culture created under Labour encouraged short-term thinking, crushed morale in the public-sector and bred bureaucracy, today's announcement shifts the power and will allow a radical redistribution of power from governments to communities and people.

For the first time, the Government will publish online the Business Plans for government departments setting out in detail the work of the Government for the next four years; each department will produce a monthly progress report with the Secretary of State having to account to the Prime Minister if they are not on track.  The Plans will provide people with the information they need to hold the government to account, to help people make informed choices about the public services they use and to open up the machinery of government to public scrutiny.

Launching the website, David Cameron said:

"Instead of bureaucratic accountability to the government machine, these business plans aim to bring in a new system of democratic accountability, accountability to the people.  So reform will be driven not by the short term political calculations of the government but by the consistent long-term pressure of what people actually want and choose in their public services."