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Conservative Party: Citizens don't feel criminal justice system is on their side

News   •   Jan 20, 2010 10:38 GMT

Chris Grayling, the Shadow Home Secretary, has launched the crime section of the 'Mending our Broken Society' chapter of the Conservative Party’s draft manifesto.

"People up and down this country are hugely frustrated with our criminal justice system", he said. "They feel that it’s just not on their side anymore".

The section outlines plans to:

  • Fight booze-fuelled antisocial behaviour in our towns and cities
  • Stop retailers selling alcohol at below cost price
  • Change the rules so that anyone acting reasonably to stop a crime or apprehend a criminal is not arrested or prosecuted.

"Our proposed changes would put law back on the side of the citizen and get rid of some of the things that make law abiding people so unhappy", Grayling added.

You can read our draft manifesto on crime using the document reader below, or alternatively click here to download a copy in PDF format.