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Conservative Party: Communities should benefit if they host wind farms

News   •   Dec 02, 2009 10:48 GMT

In a speech at Oxford University, Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Greg Clark, set out more ways in which a Conservative government would unlock the potential of communities and individuals to tackle climate change.

Building on speeches given by a number of Shadow Cabinet colleagues on climate change related issues, Greg gave examples of how government policy could improve community support for wind farms. Under Conservative plans:

  • Communities that host wind farms will be allowed to keep all of the increase in business rates from any wind development for the first six years. This will equate to around £72,000 a year in rates going back into the local community, from a 10MW wind farm (about five large turbines).

Greg Clark also announced that Conservatives are in discussion with the wind industry for further ways communities can share in the benefits including:

  • Communities benefiting from discounted electricity rates for the duration of the wind farm’s life.
  • Communities having the opportunity to take part ownership of a local wind farm, so that a proportion of the revenues generated will stay in the local area.