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Conservative Party: Concern grows about Labour's Death Tax

News   •   Feb 22, 2010 08:21 GMT

Coronation Street star William Roache MBE (better known as 'Ken Barlow') has recorded a film on funding social care, in which he raises concerns about the government’s proposed Death Tax.

"We owe it to the elderly that they should spend the last few years of their lives with dignity and should have all the care and attention that they need", he said

Funding this care and attention is becoming more of a challenge. At the moment people on the lowest incomes get their care for free, but there is a question about what to do with those on other incomes.

"These families have often saved all their lives but care home fees are high and they can often lose almost all their savings, or even their family home, if they end up having to go into a care home at the end of their lives", Roache said.

"When it comes to residential care the Conservatives have set out plans for a voluntary insurance scheme, and that seems like a good idea. It means that people have the option to protect themselves against spending all their savings if they go into care, and they don’t have the fear of losing their home."

"On the other hand the Government has said it is looking at a compulsory death tax of up to £20,000 to cover the cost of care. I am very worried about this. Some people could lose almost all of their savings and be left with nothing to pass on to their children. Also, it will penalise those who prefer to look after their loved ones in their own homes, rather than rely on the state to do it."

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