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Conservative Party: Getting HIV prevention right

News   •   Dec 01, 2009 13:03 GMT

Andrew Mitchell, Shadow International Development Secretary, comments on a Select Committee report into the "life or death" issue of the Government's HIV/AIDS strategy.

The report sets out how British taxpayer's money could go even further in helping to save millions of lives.

"Getting this right is a matter of life or death for the 33 million people around the world with HIV – and the millions more whose lives we can save if we take effective preventative action, right now", he said.

Outlining how our current approach could be improved, he called for "specific performance indicators to hold DFID to account, full transparency, and proper measurement of impact, not just inputs".

He also said that the best way to tackle all killer diseases, including HIV/AIDS, is to building up health systems in poor countries. But added that the Government "needs to do a better job of ensuring that HIV prevention, including mother-to-child prevention, is better integrated into its general health systems work".