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Conservative Party: Gordon Brown's legacy will be the Great Recession

News   •   Jan 26, 2010 11:49 GMT

Commenting on the news that the UK is the last G20 economy to leave the recession, Shadow Chancellor George Osborne said "Gordon Brown’s promise that Britain would lead the world out of recession lies in tatters".

"We were one of the first in and now, today, we are the last out. Gordon Brown’s legacy will be the Great Recession."

Not only is the UK the last G20 economy to leave the recession, but:

  • The UK was one of the first countries to enter recession, and the last G20 country out.
  • Some countries emerged nine months ago.
  • The pound has fallen significantly against other major currencies.

Osborne added that a key reason for this was that "Gordon Brown’s decisions as Chancellor left Britain ill-prepared and his judgements as Prime Minister made the recession even worse."

The Conservatives have published a document explaining how Gordon Brown made the recession worse - you can read it in full below