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Conservative Party: Hague raises Afghanistan and banking regulation

News   •   Jan 28, 2010 10:54 GMT

William Hague raises the issues of Afghanistan and banking regulation at Prime Minister's Questions.

He welcomed the British Ambassador's appointment as the new NATO Civilian Representative in Afghanistan, and called for his work to be closely coordinated with the UN, "so that this time military gains will be followed by effective reconstruction?"

Referring to the upcoming London conference on Afghanistan, he urged the setting of realistic goals "that can actually be delivered", such as reintegrating former Taleban members. "There is a case for a high-level review of the progress made in meeting the conference's agreed objectives in the next few months", he added.

Moving onto the issue of banking regulation, he called on Harriet Harman - standing in for Gordon Brown - to support President Obama's proposals for preventing retail banks from getting involved in large-scale proprietary trading.

Hague also said there was "a clear case for a levy to compensate taxpayers for what has happened in the past, and what might happen in the future", but said that the kind of levy President Obama is proposing was far better than Brown's Tobin Tax on transactions.