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Conservative Party: Labour have failed to get a grip on immigration

News   •   Feb 26, 2010 09:45 GMT

Damian Green has accused the Government of allowing immigration to run "out of control" following new evidence published by the Home Office.

The Shadow Immigration Minister was commenting on figures that lay bare the extent to which the Labour Government has failed to get a grip on the level of immigration in the UK.

The Home Office figures show more student visas being issued than ever and visas, settlements and EU benefit claims all up.

New asylum statistics also reveal that there are more asylum seekers arriving in Britain than failed asylum seekers leaving.

Damian said these immigration figures, the last to be published before a General Election make it clear that immigration "has been running out of control throughout the lifetime of this Government", and he added:

"Even in a recession with more than two million unemployed the number of work visas issued is going up. So much for British jobs for British workers."