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Conservative Party: Labour's negative campaign is already unravelling

News   •   Jan 06, 2010 10:49 GMT

George Osborne has said that Labour's negative campaigning is "unravelling" after Alistair Darling launched a "dodgy dossier" of alleged Conservative spending plans.

The Shadow Chancellor said the document is made up of commitments the Conservatives have never made, wild exaggerations of our costed policies, and - in some cases - admissions that some changes would actually be cheaper than we have budgeted for.

At the press conference to launch the dossier, Alistair Darling also refused to rule out a VAT rise and was unable to refute that Labour's spending plans implied 17 per cent spending cuts in non-protected departments.

George said the Chancellor had scored a "hat-trick of own goals" that revealed more about Labour's secret plans than what a Conservative Government would do, and he added:

"Labour must be deeply regretting their decision to go negative on a day when the Conservatives have been so positive."

You can read our response to "Labour's Dodgy Dossier" in the document reader below or click here to download a copy in PDF format.