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Conservative Party: Labour's recession hits manufacturing

News   •   Jan 08, 2010 10:46 GMT

Ken Clarke, the Shadow Business Secretary, has revealed that manufacturing output has declined by almost 13 per cent during Labour’s recession.

It has sunk to its lowest level since 1992, reversing the gains made under the Major Government.

Ken said that "manufacturing output was steadily rising during the last five years of the previous Conservative government and now it has gone back to its lowest level since 1992".

Output has also fallen by 10 per cent since Labour came into office in 1997. This comes after a recent report which showed that manufacturing declined three times as fast under Labour as it did under the Conservative governments of the 1980s, despite Lord Mandelson’s claim that the industry lies at the heart of Britain’s future growth prospects.

"It is a bit rich for Labour to talk now about a ‘growth strategy’ reviving manufacturing when output has fallen during their period of office to its lowest level in almost 20 years", Clarke added.